Interior design

Piano cucina in marmo

Shapes, complex geometries, embossed working, vases, fireplaces, scales, columns, classic or unusual statues shape, flooring and walling; these are some works which can be realizable thanks to our natural stone great experience and knowledge.Using the most compact layers of Pietra della Lessinia, it is possible to obtain results of particular artistic virtue commending the elements designed for public or private furnishings...


Piscina in pietra

After a severe selection in the quarry, the Prun Stone is offered in a wide range of quality and different tones, varying from the rose to the white tone because of the natural stone structure, composed by thick-layers from 5 to 25 cm. It is commonly used naturally split (roofs, facing walling, covering, etc.), or cut stone, smoothed or scratched for flooring, creasing, etc.


Scala in marmo

Tradition and modern working technologies afford to these stones to maintain unchanged their natural beauty during the time and allow the conservative restorations of great naturalness and virtue.

Special works

Lavorazioni speciali

Tradition, experience, technology: these elements allow executing particular works with high precision and quality, characterizing all along our company.